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Sunday, February 03, 2008

New England Patriots: A Team of Destiny

Uh, oops. Did anyone tell them they actually had to win their last game BEFORE they got the trophy? It sure wasn't the press who all but anointed them 19-0 before the game even began.

It was an extremely drab game for commercials too. Not a good one in the bunch. Someone should tell the marketing groups that if they are going to spend a whole, whole lot on ad-time during the Super Bowl, they should at least entertain us. I don't remember a single commercial...

Were you as bored as I was?

I have to say that I do feel bad for Mr. Brady, but he really played poorly. Not to take anything away from the Giants defense--who clearly wanted it more. I have a hard time believing that he played so poorly, with the exception of one drive late in the fourth quarter.

Hopefully, this will be the end of the Patriots dynasty. As someone who watched them luck there way out of a playoff loss against the Raiders in the Snow because of a blown call (or was it just a really poorly defined rule, enforced to the letter?), I never hate to see them lose.

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