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Friday, June 08, 2007

YouTube's Killer New Embed Player

Chalk this one up to more innovation from Google and YouTube! I just realized that YouTube has released a fantastic new UI for it's embedded player.

To demonstrate I have embedded one of the funniest (and just plain not right) videos that I have seen on YouTube lately. If you are both a videogame nerd and a WWII history buff, this is your slice of heaven. (Subtitles are NSFW)

What's different? Click on the play button, then click on the menu button (lower right-hand of player). Once you click the menu button, the video shrinks to reveal a number of videos at the bottom and an (OSX like, no?) magnifying video dock with a number of icons for related videos. This feature has some amazing implications if YouTube will allow users to specify what videos populate this list (videos from playlists, videos from groups, videos based on search strings, etc)

Also, note the two buttons on the right of the shrunk video: one to get the embed code, and another to get the permalink. I think the previous player had something similar, but these seem more polished to me.

Lastly, click forward in the timeline and the video will start to re-download from the point that you clicked on. I am pretty sure this is a brand new feature and it is pretty awesome. I really hope that they can crank out some deep linking features now to allow users to specify clips within clips!

Pretty cool, huh?

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